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Our fees explained

Flexibility with no hidden extras

While many marketing consultancies hide their costs until they’re sitting in front of you, Bell Pepper Marketing believes in an “all cards on the table” approach. So you can prepare your marketing budgets or provide a cost comparison, we are laying our charges out in full on our website.

Here they are:

All services are priced at £475 per day, or £75 per hour. When a quote is given, the project is costed on the expected number of days to fulfil the contract. This price can be fixed at the time of entering into the contract, or it can be invoiced on an “actual” ongoing basis. Expenses are in addition to the consultancy fees, typically any travel costs or purchases made on behalf of the client.

Expenses will be projected accurately at the outset of the project. Although we fulfil our projects on a 7-day week, there is no extra charge for weekend or evening work. The consultancy rate is fixed for the duration of the project, and there will be no hidden charges. This gives you the confidence you need to execute a project knowing your budget will not be exceeded.


at a glance

Daily Rate £475

Hourly Rate £75

30 mins £40

Websites from £700

Graphic Design Fixed price quotes on your specification.